Top 6 Nursery Essentials

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Are you ready for baby?

Buying diapers, bottles and diaper bags in preparation for bringing home your newborn may be obvious items for your to-do list, but a few less common nursery essentials not on your list can make the first few months of life with baby a little easier.

1. Nightlight

During late-night feedings or diaper changes, turning on the overhead light can upset baby even more. Do not spend time fumbling around in the dark—invest in a nightlight near your baby’s crib or changing area.

2. Nursing chair

Having a comfortable chair in a quiet spot in baby’s room is important for breast- or bottle-feeding. Consider getting a glider rocker if you want to rock your little one to sleep, or go for an oversized, comfortable armchair.

3. Changing pad

Portable changing pads make a great alternative to a dedicated changing table in homes with a space crunch. These pads can be used on top of any dresser or floor. Look for a pad with a removable, washable cover and grips on the bottom to prevent slipping. Consider using a simple basket as a diaper caddy that moves with your changing pad.

4. Trash disposal

Whether you decide to use an odor-free diaper pail or a trashcan with a lid, have a dedicated bin to place used diapers. Consider using special odor-eliminating bags with your diaper-specific trashcan.

5. Tummy time rug

Spending supervised time playing on the belly can help babies develop motor skills and muscle groups that are not exercised during diaper changes or car seat rides. A comfy, familiar place helps baby learn to love tummy time.

6. Ceiling fan

The air movement from a ceiling fan helps lower the risk factor of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in two ways. First, sleeping in a warm environment can cause SIDS—and ceiling fans reduce the temperature of the room. Additionally, the circulating air moves carbon dioxide breathed out by babies away from their faces, preventing “rebreathing” and SIDS. If your nursery does not have a pre-installed ceiling fan, consider a floor fan. However, make sure that a wandering pet or sibling cannot knock down the fan.  

Betty Orange, D.O., OB-GYN

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