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Fight the fatigue that can accompany your pregnancy.

It’s no surprise that pregnancy can make you feel tired. Growing a human being is a lot of hard work. Even while you’re sleeping, your body is using energy to take care of your developing baby.

Fatigue Factors

Fatigue is most common during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, though some expecting mothers also feel tired during their second trimester. Hormonal changes can cause fatigue early in pregnancy. Both blood sugar and pressure drop as the body produces extra blood to carry nutrients to your growing baby.

As your pregnancy continues into the third trimester, lack of sleep, emotional stress, frequent urination and the extra weight you’re carrying around can all contribute to fatigue.

Rest and Recharge

One of the best ways to keep fatigue at bay is to allow yourself more time to sleep. Going to bed earlier and taking catnaps throughout the day can help you regain lost energy.

Sleeping may be difficult while you’re pregnant. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try:

  • Sleeping on your side, using a body pillow, or propping your body up with pillows, which can help prevent heartburn
  • Cutting back on drinking fluids a few hours before bedtime to minimize bathroom visits during the night
  • Taking a warm bath or shower to help you relax before tucking yourself in

Balancing Act

While you may feel the need to continue your day-to-day routine as you did before pregnancy, don’t be afraid to drop a few things from your schedule. If certain activities or responsibilities make you tired, don’t do them. Find someone to pick up the slack and make sure to take time off of work if necessary.

Though you’re allowed the occasional craving during pregnancy, maintaining a balanced diet and exercise regimen can also boost your energy levels. Make sure to eat nutritious meals that are full of protein, iron and enough calories for both you and your baby.

Walking is a good way to engage in physical activity without wearing yourself out, and moderate daily activity can actually help increase energy levels. Make sure to talk with your doctor whenever beginning an exercise regimen, especially while pregnant.

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